In person | CASA FIRJAN | NOV 24 AND 25




Guido Tonelli Best-selling author, University of Pisa professor, and visiting scientist at CERN

Carol Fernandes Coordinator of Casa Firjan's Trends Lab

Isabela Petrosillo Researcher at Casa Firjan's Trends Lab

Mitch Hunter-Scullion CEO and founder of Asteroid Mining Corporation Limited Global

Afrofuturist researcher, writer, TEDX speaker, and creator of the Afrofuturo podcast

Andy Hines Associate professor and coordinator of the Foresight Program at the University of Houston

Egidio Dorea Director at Aging2.0

Alexandre Moreno Communication Manager at Voice of the Oceans

Ana Carolina Souza Neuroscientist (DSc) and co-founder of Nêmesis Organizational Neuroscience

Clarice Pires CEO of Scirama Psychedelic Science and founder of Novageia Biotechnology

Felix Ringel Associate Professor of Anthropology at Durham University in the United Kingdom

Gustavo Nogueira Temporalities researcher and founder of the Temporality Lab

Heloisa Schurmann Leader of Voice of the Oceans

Jesper Rhode Senior Partner at TR4NSFORM and co-founder of TR4NSFORM ENERGY, consultant, and speaker at the Horizons Institute

João Pedro Scientist, futurist, and entrepreneur

Luzia Sarno Co-founder and Corporate IT Director of AlumniTech and advisory board member

Maisa Kairalla Geriatric and general practitioner

Marcelo Leite Columnist for Folha and author of "Psiconautas: Journeys with Brazilian Psychedelic Science"

Marcelo de Lima Head of Innovation and Emerging Technologies at Accenture

Michelle Queiroz Founder and CEO of the Longevity Network; Associate Professor at FDC; Advisory Board Member at ILC - Brazil

Mórris Litvak CEO & founder of Maturi, speaker, and Longevity expert

Mychael Lourenço Neuroscience Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Priscilla Seripieri Head of Business and Operations at WGSN Mindset LATAM

Ralph Lagnado Director of Innovation at Accenture

Tasso Cipriano University professor and environmental lawyer

Thamires Pontes Founder and CEO of PHYCOLABS, biotechnology and seaweed enthusiast

Noéle Gomes CEO of the AmadureSER Institute

Cristiano Fernandes Founder of Grifolabs and co-founder and CMO at Quasar Medical Hemp

Aza Njeri Professor and undergraduate coordinator in the Department of Letras at PUC-Rio, Ph.D. in African Literatures, researcher in African Philosophies.

Lucas Dupin Visual Artist

Tarcio Borgo Market Developer for Packaging and Consumer Goods at Braskem/Cazoolo

Wilson Farias Marketing Supervisor at Samsung, specialist in Multi Device Experience and Innovation

Kaave Pour Co-founder of Space10

Willian Barela Biotechnology specialist and Content and Innovation analyst at Casa Firjan's Fab Lab

Renato Paquet Founder and CEO of POLEN - Waste Solution and Valuation

Larissa Greven Creative director of Oficina Muda - Moda Upcycling

Adriano Passos Coordinator of Fiber Innovation at the SENAI Institute for Innovation in Biosynthetics and Fibers

Diego Francisco Head of Marketing at Farm Rio Brasil


See what will happen on November 24th and 25th

    • Palestras e Painéis

    • 09h00

      • Accreditation



    • 09h45

      • Opening


      Opening of the Possible Futures Festival 2023

    • 10h00

      • Carol Fernandes

        Carol Fernandes

      • Isabela Petrosillo

        Isabela Petrosillo

      Lecture: Macrotrends 2024 – 2025

      With its own methodology, the Casa Firjan Trends Lab will present the new edition of the Macrotrends Report, whose process brings together a multidisciplinary team of professionals and specialists to identify vectors of change and map future scenarios.

    • 10h50

      • Andy Hines

        Andy Hines

      Lecture: How to think about futures

      An invitation to deeply explore future possibilities. Andy provokes us to question our assumptions in order to adopt a more flexible and adaptable mindset to face the challenges of tomorrow.

    • 10h50

      • Luzia Sarno

        Luzia Sarno

      • Cristiano Fernandes

        Cristiano Fernandes

      • Mediador: Iuri Campos

        Mediador: Iuri Campos

      Panel: Digital twins, artificial intelligence and the metaverse: The role of new technologies in the future of medicine

      In a few decades, we are likely to have our own digital twins. Digital replicas of ourselves, which, combined with technologies such as AI and metaverse, will provide us with important data to guarantee our longevity, health and quality of life.

    • 11h45

      • Wilson Farias

        Wilson Farias

      Lecture: Connecting to tomorrow - Samsung innovation strategies

    • 12h15

      • Aza Njeri

        Aza Njeri

      • Lucas Dupin

        Lucas Dupin

      Panel: Experiencing other times: Visions of art and philosophy

    • 14h00

      • Maisa Kairalla

        Maisa Kairalla

      Lecture: How much we can prolong life: Blue Zones and their lessons for the future

      Discover the cultural and social habits of the Blue Zones, regions where inhabitants live longer than anywhere else on the planet, often exceeding 100 years of age, with health and quality of life.

    • 14h00

      • Tasso Cipriano

        Tasso Cipriano

      • Renata Rocha

        Renata Rocha

      Interview: Planned obsolescence and right to repair: What is the role of companies?

    • 15h00

      • Marcelo de Lima

        Marcelo de Lima

      • Ralph Lagnado

        Ralph Lagnado

      • Heloisa Schurmann

        Heloisa Schurmann

      • Alexandre Moreno

        Alexandre Moreno

      • Mediation: Iuri Campos

        Mediation: Iuri Campos

      Panel: Technology as an awareness tool for the climate crisis

      Over the last few decades, the oceans have been suffering degradation due to excess waste, but this is far from the eyes of many people. In this sense, immersive technologies such as virtual reality and metaverse can be efficient solutions for raising awareness.

    • 15h00

      • Priscilla Seripieri

        Priscilla Seripieri

      Lecture: "Time Protectors": The Consumer Profile in 2025

      The trends company WGSN will present the profile of the consumer of 2025, the “weather protectors”. For this group, time is the most valuable resource and the important thing is to invest it in things that add value to their world, such as daily rituals and meaningful experiences. This talk will not be broadcast.

    • 16h10

      • Michelle Queiroz

        Michelle Queiroz

      • Ana Carolina Souza

        Ana Carolina Souza

      • Egidio Dorea

        Egidio Dorea

      • Mediation: Wallace Soares

        Mediation: Wallace Soares

      Panel: Impacts of longevity on work, the economy and society

      As life expectancy increases, how will this affect the world of work, the economy and society at large? What will be the challenges and opportunities that longevity holds for us?

    • 16h30

      • Jesper Rhode

        Jesper Rhode

      Lecture: The perception of time permeated by technology

      Take part in a journey of reflection on the multiple perceptions of time in the digital age, exploring how technological innovations impact our notion of past, present and future.

    • 17h25

      • Guido Tonelli

        Guido Tonelli

      Talk:Time: The Dream of Killing Chronos

      What is time? Is it possible to stop it? Is it possible to kill Chronos? Author of the acclaimed Genesis, in which he tells the story of the emergence of the Universe, Guido Tonelli now delves into time, that unknown that marks our lives in an implacable way.

    • Oficinas

    • 14h às 17h

      Rethinking Time – A Decolonial Journey

      Let's acknowledge multiple times, cycles, and rhythms. An invitation to deconstruct the notion of time as a progressive and unidimensional straight line.

    • 16h às 19h

      Intergenerational Learning: Skill Exchange

      The workshop will promote collaborative activities stimulating dialogue, mutual understanding, and appreciation of intergenerational contributions.

    • 16h às 19h

      Circular Design and the Time of Things

      Let's reconsider design strategies and relationships with the objects and products we use. The workshop will introduce the principles of Circular Economy.

    • Palestras e Painéis

    • 09h00

      • Accreditation



    • 10h00

      • Tarcio Borgo

        Tarcio Borgo

      • Renato Paquet

        Renato Paquet

      • Larissa Greven

        Larissa Greven

      • Diego Francisco

        Diego Francisco

      • Maria Isabel Oschery

        Maria Isabel Oschery

      Panel: A new Biography of Things: Proposals for the future of the planet

    • 10h00

      • Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes

        Gustavo Nogueira de Menezes

      Lecture: Plural Perceptions: Experiencing Other Temporalities

      How is our modern society relating to time and what can we learn from other points of view on this topic?

    • 11h00

      • Noéle Gomes

        Noéle Gomes

      • Mediation: Wallace Soares 

        Mediation: Wallace Soares 

      Panel: Ancestral Technologies for Creating Prosperous Futures

      Discover how plural perceptions of time, from the perspective of ancient technologies, can offer valuable perspectives to create sustainable, prosperous and inclusive futures.

    • 11h30

      • Adriano Passos

        Adriano Passos

      • William Barela

        William Barela

      • Mediation: Nathalia Coelho

        Mediation: Nathalia Coelho

      Panel: Biomaterials: How long should our clothes last?

      The transition to a circular economy involves a revolution in the development of materials and the reformulation of the product life cycle. Nature can be the answer to challenges faced by the textile industry and biotechnology appears as an alternative.

    • 14h00

      • Felix Ringel

        Felix Ringel

      Lecture: Urban regeneration and anthropology of time

      The idea of sustainability holds the promise of breaking out of the continuous cycles of boom and bust, growth and decline. This talk brings the logic of sustainability applied to practical examples, with new ideas about the future of society and the role of companies in the face of climate change.

    • 14h00

      • Cristiano Fernandes

        Cristiano Fernandes

      • Clarice Pires

        Clarice Pires

      • Marcelo Leite

        Marcelo Leite

      • Mediation: Iuri Campos

        Mediation: Iuri Campos

      Panel: From Escapism to Healing: The Role of Psychoactives in an Increasingly Long-Lived and Mentally Exhausted Society

      Modern science is experiencing its “psychedelic renaissance”. Discover the therapeutic potential of substances such as LSD, psilocybin and cannabis in our health and quality of life, the care that should be taken and the market opportunities that can be glimpsed.

    • 15h40

      • João Pedro de Magalhães

        João Pedro de Magalhães

      Lecture: The scientific quest for immortality

      Embark on a fascinating journey that will explore the scientific paths to the quest for immortality, through the latest research and innovations that are shaping the future of longevity and revealing the complexities of our conceptions about extending human life.

    • 17h20

      • Mitch Hunter

        Mitch Hunter

      Lecture: Asteroid mining: Solution to the scarcity of raw materials on the planet?

      The idea of sustainability holds the promise of breaking out of the continuous cycles of boom and bust, growth and decline. This talk brings the logic of sustainability applied to practical examples, with new ideas about the future of society and the role of companies in the face of climate change.

    • 16h35

      • Mychael Lourenço

        Mychael Lourenço

      Lecture: The Brain of the Future: A Neuroscience Look at Cognitive Performance

      Considered by Nature Medicine magazine as one of the 11 most promising young scientists in the world in 2023, Mychael points out what we need to do to maintain cognitive performance in a future in which we will live longer and longer.

    • 15h40

      • Kaave Pour

        Kaave Pour

      Lecture: Why break up your own business? Future studies to think decades ahead - Ikea case

      Discover the case of SPACE10, a small team of radical thinkers that has emerged as one of the most renowned research and design laboratories in the world, thinking about the future of furniture and everyday life for IKEA.

    • Oficinas

    • 14h às 17h

      Possible Futures Game

      Stimulate your imaginative capacity and learn tools to think about futures and construct scenarios through a game developed based on the methodology of the Casa Firjan Trends Lab.

    • 10h às 13h

      Fix It Yourself: Right to Repair

      Perform simple repairs, addressing the principles and legal foundations that support the right to repair, so you can become more self-reliant in repairing objects and electronic devices.

    • 10h às 13h

      How to hack time using AI tools

      Experience Artificial Intelligence tools to optimize your day-to-day tasks.

    • 14h às 17h

      Biofabrication in Fashion: Biological Materials in Clothing Construction

      Learn to manipulate living organisms from a culture called Kombucha, refining biological materials in the construction of clothing pieces from molding to laser cutting.

    • Show de encerramento

    • 19h às 20h

      • Closing Show

        Closing Show

      Futuristic Northeast

      Created by beatmaker, DJ, percussionist, singer and composer Luana Flores, the Nordeste Futurista show mixes traditional and ancestral sounds from the backlands, forest areas and coast of Paraíba, with electronic rhythms.



What will be the key impactful themes for society and businesses in the next two years? The Macrotrends Report 2024-2025, developed by Casa Firjans Trends Lab, will be launched during the Possible Futures Festival. All participants will receive an exclusive copy of the document via email, designed to support strategic business planning, careers, and decision-making.

Cairê Moreira

Founder of Genyz - 3D Research and Solutions Development Consultancy

Abby Everett Jaques

Philosopher and interdisciplinary researcher affiliated with the MIT Industrial Performance Center

Angela Oguntala

Futurist and founder of Greyspace

Dina Zielinski

Bioinformatics scientist and co-founder of DNA.Land

Diogo Cortiz

Futurist and cognitive scientist

Bayo Akomolafe

Executive Director of The Emergence Network

Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir

Managing Director of Festa - Icelandic Center for Corporate Social Responsibility

Iain McIntyre

Head of Growth at MindsDB

Ivair Gontijo

Physicist and systems engineer at NASA

Muthoni Wanyoike

Founder of AI & Insights

Lidia Zuin

Journalist, researcher, professor, and futurist

Marina Gorbis

Executive Director of the Institute for the Future

Navi Radjou

Professor at the University of Cambridge Business School

Neil Harbisson

Audiovisual artist and President of the Cyborg Foundation


Sign up today and secure your spot for in-person attendance at the lectures, panels, workshops, and other activities. All registrants will also receive a link to follow the event's livestream, in case they cannot attend or wish to rewatch the lectures and panels later.



  • What is the Possible Futures Festival?

    Since 2018, Casa Firjan has been bringing together thinkers from Brazil and around the world for a series of lectures, panels, workshops, and immersive experiences that challenge society and businesses to reflect on something not as unpredictable as it may seem: the future. Based on the premise that there is not just one possible future, the festival highlights trends and weak signals that help us chart paths and challenge us to imagine the countless possibilities that will impact social and economic dynamics in the years to come.

  • Is it online or in-person?

    The 6th edition of the Possible Futures Festival is an in-person event held at Casa Firjan. Registered attendees will also have the opportunity to revisit the lectures and panels, as they will receive an exclusive link to the event recording. Casa Firjan is located at 211 Guilhermina Guinle Street, in the Botafogo neighborhood, South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Can I register for just one day?

    No. Registration for the Festival Futuros Possíveis grants access to both days of the event (November 24th and 25th).

  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Participants can request a participation declaration for the Festival Futuros Possíveis 2023 via email, which will be sent within 30 business days after the event.

  • What is this years theme?

    The theme of the 6th edition of the Festival Futuros Possíveis is "Time: Perspectives and Reinventions," and the entire event program will be based on four main thematic axes: future studies methodologies, longevity, the time of things, and plural perceptions.

  • How can I purchase a ticket?

    Registrations are made right here on the event website. The ticket is personal and non-transferable and provides access to the entire program on both days of the event (November 24th and 25th).

  • How can I participate in the workshops?

    Registered attendees of the Festival Futuros Possíveis can participate in the workshops offered in the event program, with available slots allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • How do I access the Macrotrends Report?

    The download link for the Macrotrends Report 2024-2025, developed by Casa Firjan's Trends Lab, will be sent to all registered attendees of the 6th edition of the Possible Futures Festival during the event.

  • Who is eligible for half-price admission?

    Individuals under 21 years of age; students; people with disabilities (PwD); low-income youth aged 15 to 29; seniors; teachers; retirees and Education professionals working in the public or private sector in the state of Rio de Janeiro are entitled to half-price admission upon verification."

The event starts in